Wisconsin Go Hiking Club
Geneva Lake Circle Hike
This page was last updated on June 22, 2006
October 10, 1998
Report by Leaders:  Lois & Dave Lovejoy
12 members, 3 guests and 22 miles
The drive to Williams Bay held it's own beauty.  Low lying clouds hung over the landscape with a pure blue sky above.  The sun, coming up, shown on the clouds making them snowy white and most beautiful.  Gathering at the parking lot about 7:45 a.m. was a bit on the chilly side.  However, it didn't take long for the shedding of clothes to begin.  We started here, in the parking lot, with the Walk, Talk and Gawk cards.  Linda Martincic did the narrating.  A great job I might add. 
Early morning mist on Geneva Lake
The cards divide the lake shore path into seven segments varying in length from 2 to 3.5  miles. This gave us a reason to pause, have a drink or snack and sit for a bit while we listened
to the narration on the next segment.  The most beautiful day that was developing made lazy pauses pleasant.  Debbie Kotlarek had her camera ready for proof.  Dick Wilson remembered the good and the bad times we did the circle hikes over the years.  Eight or nine hours on the path in bad times is not easily forgotten, but then neither are the good times.
Linda telling us about the next segment
Lakeside lunch stop
Sparkling blue water, verdant rolling shores, nature's palette of fall color, unique architecture, beautifully landscaped grounds, quiet woods, people playing on and off the water, smiles and greetings, various sculptures, all of this added to the beauty of this warm autumn day. 
Geneva Inn, which overlooks Buttons Bay and Big Foot Beach, was making ready for a wedding ceremony with chairs, flowers and wedding bows.  Linda thought they were expecting us!  It would have been fun to pass by when the wedding was in progress.
Strolling along in the town of Lake Geneva
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