Wisconsin Go Hiking Club
Geneva Lake Circle Hike
This page was last updated on June 22, 2006
Our half hour leisure time in Lake Geneva was well spent. WOW! Huge waffle ice cream cones were seen in front of faces at the Scooper, along with delicious coffee and chicken soup.  John Peterson sat on a bench in front of the library and talked himself out of all this luscious stuff.  John was hoping to keep off the five pounds he dropped at the Porkies.  Such discipline John!
Dave relaxing after a visit to Scoopers
Dave Beisser left the group after Fontana and was never to be seen again by any of us for the rest of the day, except for Jerry, who kept up for awhile.  Rocky and Bruce tested the daylight to the end.  They arrived in Williams Bay at dusk.
Downhill and on the home stretch!
Enjoying all this beauty were Club members Lois and Dave Lovejoy, Roxine McQuitty, Ines Smrz, Dave Beisser, Jerry Anderson, John Peterson, Jon Russell, Debbie Kotlarek, Nancy Wilson, Linda Martincic and Mary Yunk.  Guests along on this beautiful day were Dick Wilson, Bruce Magley and Ellie Pick.  Going the distance for the first time were Jon, Debbie, Linda, Bruce and Ellie.  Congratulations!
Mary, Lois, Ellie, Ines, Jerry & Dave L.
John, Jon, Dave B. & Linda
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