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Geneva Lake
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Geneva Lake Shore Path Circle Hike   October 12, 2002  
Leaders:  Lois & Dave Lovejoy
22 miles 
Some fog, some sun, some rain, some wind, some mist, some clouds, some blue sky.  Some blisters, some sore knees, some foot soreness,  some just plain tired---But....


Congratulations!    Congratulations! 

These eleven first timers earned their right to wear the Wisconsin Go Hiking Club Shore Path Patch:

Tina Chappen               Ann McMahon
Judy Elmergreen          Karen Perlewitz
John Elmergreen          Gary Sediacek         
Dick Hesse                  Dianne Wennigek
Scott Kemper               Nancy Bucuk (guest)
Dianne Loomis

Applause!      Applause!     Applause!

These eleven members were delighted to be among those who were experiencing this special event for the first time and have learned over the years to take the bad weather with the good:

Lynn Harvancik             Barb Pritzl
Debbie Kotlarek            Jon Russell
Dave Lovejoy                Marge Schell
Lois Lovejoy                 Ed Segrin
Ron Nacker                  Ines Smrz
John Peterson
Cheers!          Cheers!          Cheers!

Keeping us company for 15 miles and an old time veteran to the shore path--Peter Slaby.

If numbers means success then this special event was a huge success. Some FORTY NINE members and guests participated in one or another of the miles offered on this day.

Good Job!

Trip report submitted by Lois Lovejoy
7:55 am   Mile 0    Good luck!
9:42 am   Mile 5   Fontana park. 
Chief Big Foot's last glance before removal.
10:42 am   Mile 8    Beary easy hike
10:59 am  Mile 9   Hysterical Marker - Big Nose Note:  Rubbing nose removes frowns from your face.  (Member seen rubbing nose lustily)
Another bear
11:30 am  Proper stretching technique
11:13 am    Mile 10      Lunch
1:30 pm   Mile 15    Dry spot at Lake Geneva
12:43 pm  Mile 12     Rounding east end of
lake at Big Beach State Park
1:08 pm   Mile 13     Rain starts

4:20 pm   Lois awards patches to rookies
4:15 pm   Mile 23.64  (According to my pedometer)   FINISHED


"Short" hike report by leader Bob Scheidt

Eighteen members and 7 guests 'circled up' about a block south of McDonalds to hike a short and shorter segment of the Geneva Lake shore line path. Our son, Jim was among the guests.  I was pleased at the turnout, especially pleased there was adequate curbside parking and the beginning and ending weather was great.  Lake Geneva's annual Columbus Day week end October fest was right for those who finished early.

At the property with the steep hairpin turn drive/walkway Marie and about half the group reversed course to return to L G while the rest of us continued to Williams Bay to refresh and have lunch. We were motivated to keep it brief by dark clouds to the west.  Sometime within the next hour we got rained on.  Rain gear went on quickly and half of the group moved out quickly, while the rest walked a more moderate pace. 

The high point of the return hike was meeting those hiking the full circle. 
We got back to McDonalds about 3:30.  Total miles...fourteen and a half mile in 6 hours. Not bad. It went so well, I'm considering a repeat next year.  Anybody else?
Dick Hesse's "Pedometer Parameters":
22.95 mi. -  41,795 steps (for long legs) -  6:59:19 hours (walking)  -  2,321 cal. -  100 steps/min -  3.3 MPH  (Hustle! Hustle!)

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