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Future Hikes
This page was last updated on October 26, 2017
To help in your planning purposes, here's a list of upcoming hikes further in the future.  This will allow you to save a date on your calendar for some of the hikes that especially appeal to you!  Keep in mind that this list may be subject to change until final publication.

I've grouped the hikes to match the monthly newsletters and indicated the deadlines for getting volunteers.  "TBA" means "To Be Announced".  This is what is listed if someone has volunteered for a date, but hasn't submitted details yet.

Remember that it is possible to have more than one hike on a given day, so feel free to volunteer to lead an alternate hike.  You can also volunteer for ANY date in the future, just contact the appropriate hike coordinator.  Click on a name to send an email volunteering for one or more of the open dates!

Trailblazer (weekend hike coordinator):  Linda Levengood

Tuesday coordinator (and any extra Mon-Fri evening hikes):  Nancy Radke

Mid-Week (Thursday) coordinator:  Kathy Matrenga

Rambler (Friday) coordinator:  Nancy Valente
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DEC 2017 (get info to hike coordinators by NOV 7)
DEC 1    Friday        NEED LEADER
DEC 2    Saturday    NEED LEADER
DEC 3    Sunday      NEED LEADER
DEC 5    Tuesday      NEED LEADER
DEC 7    Thursday    NEED LEADER
DEC 8    Friday        NEED LEADER
DEC 9    Saturday    NEED LEADER
DEC 10  Sunday      NEED LEADER
DEC 12  Tuesday      NEED LEADER
DEC 14  Thursday    NEED LEADER
DEC 15  Friday        NEED LEADER
DEC 16  Saturday    NEED LEADER
DEC 17  Sunday      NEED LEADER
DEC 19  Tuesday      NEED LEADER
DEC 21  Thursday    NEED LEADER
DEC 22  Friday        NEED LEADER
DEC 23  Saturday    NEED LEADER
DEC 24  Sunday      NEED LEADER
DEC 26  Tuesday        Downtown
DEC 28  Thursday    NEED LEADER
DEC 29  Friday        NEED LEADER    
DEC 30  Saturday    NEED LEADER
DEC 31  Sunday      NEED LEADER