Wisconsin Go Hiking Club
Chicago - June 8, 2002
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Sandy & Ines led their third annual hike in Chicago this year.  Once again we started the journey by driving to Kenosha, then boarding the MetraRail train for a leisurely ride to Chicago.  It's a good chance to gradually wake up, socialize, and take in nice views of Lake Michigan.and the small towns along the way.
A photo stop near the Shed Aquarium
party & art
Upon arriving in Chicago we split into two groups, one of which planned to spend some time on an El-train tour.  The others walked a short way to the Greek Town area where we had a delicious lunch.  Due to the number of people, lunch took a while, but eventually we were out walking.  It was a gorgeous day for strolling along the lakefront and through the parks.  After a few hours we arrived at a building where Nancy Wagner had arranged for us to have a rooftop party.  We enjoyed wine, cheese & fruit but especially delighted in the numerous outdoor sculptures and interesting artwork in the owner's living quarters.  We then made our way back to the train & Milwaukee...
Anoher photo stop at Buckingham Fountain
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