Wisconsin Go Hiking Club
2002 Awards Banquet
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The annual awards banquet was held at the Rose Garden Cafe on May15.  After a social hour and a delicious buffet meal, the program included the presentation of mileage awards. 59 members received awards for reaching milestones ranging from 100 miles all the way to 16,000 miles (way to go Ed Walters!). 
100 Mile Award Recipients
front - Mary Ann Kniep, Joan Scheeler, Judy Elmergreen, Connie Stielow, Joy Buchell, Marge Schell back - Dick Hesse, Don Sneider, Mel Malcolm
(not pictured) Ron Dettmers, John Elmergreen, Ron Filipiak, Nancy Hamberger, Judy Heilmann, Donna Hoffmn, Ruth Hozeska, Mary Ann Jazwiecki, Shantha Jhansale, Anna Kajuch, Dennis Konrath, Ann Matz, Dennis Matz, Mellisa Matz, Lisa Nicols, Dave Okruhlica, Linda Okruhlica, Anne Steinberg, Marilee Toman, John Wagner, Jean Walsh, Al Whalen.
500 Mile Award Recipients
Betty Storey, Connie Steilow, Lorraine Radtke, Holly Whitcomb, Barb Pritzl
(not pictured) Nancy Hamberger, Berdie Orlebeke, Carol Steinacker, John Wagner, Barb Wiltz
1,000 Mile Award Recipients
Sandy Collier, Joyce Kautz, Nancy Wagner, Anne McMahon
2,000 Mile Award Recipients
Ed Segrin, Lynn Harvancik, Ken Johnson, Peggy Beisser, John Peterson
4,000 Mile Award Recipients
Marion Szudrowitz, Linda Strande
5,000 Mile Award Recipients
Marie Scheidt, Bob Scheidt, Bea Steffes
6,000 Mile Award Recipients
Mary Buerger
(not pictured) Jerry Anderson
13,000 Mile Award Recipients
Lois Lovejoy, Dave Lovejoy
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