Wisconsin Go Hiking Club
Approximately 10-40 people participate in a typical hike.  Check the current schedule for all the specifics concerning upcoming hikes including dates, places, times, length of hike and other pertinent information which may affect each hike.

Camping weekends and other special outings are scheduled throughout the year.  Vacation trips are often planned by interested members.  Other events include post-hike meals, photo sharing, picnics, the annual awards dinner and a Holiday party.

Call (414) 299-9285 for information on hikes and membership or peruse this website.
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The Wisconsin Go Hiking Club was organized in 1924.  The purpose of the club is to "Promote health and good fellowship by hiking".  As the name implies, the WGH club is primarily a hiking group, but camping and diversified entertainment events are also a part of our activities.  Since all events are planned and run on a volunteer basis, the programs vary from year to year.  Cost of events are shared equally by participants.  The club currently has approximately 300 members, ranging in age from 25 to 80+.

The club usually has 5 hikes scheduled every week of the year in Milwaukee and the surrounding area.  Hikes are a minimum of 4 miles, with many in the 5-8 mile range, and some longer treks of 10-22 miles.
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Club still going strong in our 93rd year!
Happy Wanderer music
More than 90 people attended our club's 90th Anniversary event on October 26, 2014!