Mango Pie (Makes 4 pies, use half of everything to make 2 pies)

4 Graham Cracker pie crusts
1 can mango pulp
2 small packets of Jell-O (preferably orange or peach, but you can experiment if you'd like)
3 cups sour cream
8 oz cream cheese
3 cups boiling water
1 cup sugar (if you wish, I don't add sugar at all - makes the pies too sweet)

Dissolve Jell-O in boiling water. Blend cream cheese, sugar and Jell-O mixture, fold in sour cream and blend.   Add mango pulp and blend, pour the mixture into the pie crusts and refrigerate (do not freeze) for 3-4 hours.   Slice it and serve.

Enjoy your pie!

You can get Mango Pulp at Indian Groceries & Spices (SE corner of North Ave. and Hwy 100) or at Namaste Plaza (on Bluemound Road, right behind the new Thai Kitchen Restaurant). There are two brands of Mango Pulp: "Kesar" and "Ratna". Either one is fine. Each can costs around $3.