Tres Leches Cake
(Three Milks Cake – Mexican)

This cake looks very glamorous and is astoundingly easy to make!

Buy a box of yellow cake mix and follow the directions on the box.  I think it is cool to add a teaspoon of almond extract to the batter, but that is strictly optional.  Line a 13” by 9” pan with parchment paper or a “cradle” of foil and grease it. After the cake is baked and cooled a little, lift it out of the pan and transfer it to a nice serving tray. Cool completely. Poke holes all over the cake with a skewer or fork. Then, mix together 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 can of evaporated milk: the 12-ounce size, 1 cup of whipping cream, and ½ cup rum. Mix thoroughly, then spoon slowly over all the holes in the cake, distributing evenly. Frost with Cool Whip or whipped cream and top with fresh berries, any kind of fresh fruit, or toasted coconut. Serve in bowls and eat with a spoon.
Your creativity is encouraged and this cake works well with many variations.

(For a Pina Colada Tres Leches Cake, cut up fresh pineapple or drain a can of crushed pineapple. After the cake is poked and filled with the milks, place the pineapple all over the top. Frost with whipped cream and put coconut on top.)